Hubba is the place where retail buyers find the information on products they care about and discover new stuff to love from the world’s most interesting brands.

Hubba is the holy grail for Brands, Retailers and Product Influencers to present and share product information accurately and beautifully. Hubba allows you to update your product information once and share everywhere. Simply add your product content – everything from images to technical specifications – and power the next generation of commerce. The Hubba network also allows you to connect with key industry people directly, and empowers you to bring your career and business goals forward.


For Brands

By having your product information on Hubba, you’ll have the power to update it anytime from one place and share with the thousands of buyers and influencers scouting for products like yours.

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For Retailers

Hubba allows you to discover and connect with the world’s most interesting brands. You'll be your company's trendspotter by staying up on the things that are hot in your industry.

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For Influencers

Not everyone can be a Kardashian. Hubba empowers Influencers to get on the radar of brands and retailers looking for your help finding the trending items they should pick up next.

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From sign up to sharing in minutes.

A #HubbaLove Story

The idea for Hubba came while Ben Zifkin, Hubba’s founder, was driving on the M40 just outside of London. He realized that he’d spent far too much of his previous evening searching online for a very specific product to gift his wife. It wasn’t the time spent on his wife that bothered him (because Ben loves his wife) but rather, the time wasted because he had no idea how poor product information was online. Conflicting or outdated information on different sites made the research process for Ben’s purchase frustrating. If a movie is ever made of this moment, this will be the scene where Ben shakes his fist at the moon and vows to fix it, because that is exactly what happened. Well, maybe not the fist shaking but definitely the vowing part… and that is how Hubba was born.


The purpose of Hubba is to allow brands and retailers to share “single source of truth” product information in real-time so consumers always have what they need to make the smartest and quickest purchase decisions.


As time has gone on and Hubba has grown, we’re more than just sharing. Hubba now includes industry experts to connect with, a product discovery platform, industry news and an automated product listing platform that simplifies the process to work with big-box retailers like Walmart and Target.


All this from a man wanting to find the perfect gift for the woman he loves. If you ever meet Ben, make sure you ask him what he ended up getting her.